3D Scanning, CAD Design


Component Design and Development

There are a lot of CNC machining companies but what sets us apart from the competition is our manufacturing consultancy expertise and our design capabilities. Being able to offer both in-house saves you money and ensures the process runs as smoothly as possible.

In terms of design, we can reverse engineer a component or product with 3D scanning. In addition, we can design from scratch using the latest CAD technologies.

3D Scanning

We use a state of the art handheld scanner so we have the flexibility to scan items in our workshop or on site depending on the project.

Our team can then make improvements on the design to streamline your production process before moving onto the next stages which can include prototyping and mould manufacturing.

CAD Design

As we have expert CAD design capabilities in-house, we can also turn your ideas and sketched out concepts into reality. In these situations, we use 3D modelling technology so you can view a virtual representation of the component or product we are developing.

In addition, we use a DFM (Design for Manufacturing) approach to all the products and components we develop. Our knowledge in this regard comes from our experience of manufacturing and the realities of ensuring products and components can be efficiently and cost-effectively manufactured.

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To speak to us about any of our design capabilities, including 3D scanning, reverse engineering, and CAD design, please call us on 02 9759 0682.

Closed Mould Technology


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