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Manufacturing Equipment Solutions

Chopper Equipment

A versatile solution for the composite production process with unprecedented application - your manufacturing equipment solution.

Gelcoat Equipment

Our Gelcoat Guns offer the perfect surface for composite production, easy application and precision - what more could you need!

Closed Mould Equipment

A manufacturing equipment solution designed with minimal mess in mind - ideal for repeat composite production of products.

Adhesive Systems

Compact and efficient systems that provide a new level of precision in the delivery of putty to your products.

Fixed & Variable Ratio Equipment

Polyurethane Equipment combines superior performance and high output to meet crucial production needs of spray foam and polyureas and our variable ratio systems for Composite Pultrusion manufacturing.


Pro and Talon guns, easy to use, precision application. 


We stock a large selection of rollers for application of composite materials.

Catalyst Alarms

The CLT Series of Catalyst Alarms will make sure your team knows if the flow of catalyst gets too low during production with an audible alarm. 

Spare Parts

We have over 3000 parts in stock to keep your business moving, and anything we don't have on hand we can order in store.

Mandrels & Drives

Equipment designed for extraction or pulling mandrels from the cured composite products.


MVP series impregnators are a series of high output, roll goods layup machines designed for wetting and placing woven roving and other roll good materials


MVP reciprocator series is designed to automatically produce flat panels or sheets using a chopper gun and/or gelcoat spray gun that traverse a mould or table.


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